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Buying guide: which graphics tablet to choose in 2020?


Buying guide: which graphics tablet to choose in 2020?

If you’re starting out in digital drawing, you’ll soon want to make your life easier with a graphics tablet. Here are our recommendations.

While traditional graphic arts still have a long way to go, the democratization of computers has led to the popularization of digital design. And as with any art form, it is important to choose your tools carefully. Choosing a graphics tablet is a good solution: it replaces the mouse with a pen, which guarantees a more precise drawing, while giving you access to many styles of “brushes”. That said, there is no shortage of graphics tablets on the market, which can be quickly disconcerting for a novice, especially since an expensive tablet is not necessarily easy to handle or satisfying to use. So the best way to get started in graphics is to buy a second-hand graphics tablet.

Don’t let your lack of knowledge about graphic tablets be a hindrance to your creativity, we’ve put together a little shopping guide with products that will cover most of your needs.

Wacom Intuos S Bluetooth: a compact model for a good start”.

Wacom is a major player in the market and has long proven its expertise in consumer graphics tablets, and the Wacom Intuos S Bluetooth is no exception.

The Wacom Intuos S Bluetooth graphics tablet is the perfect introduction to the art of drawing on a computer.The compact Wacom Intuos S Bluetooth has a 7-inch work surface and weighs 249 g. It’s far from bulky on a desk and can easily fit in a bag when you’re on the move, especially as the Wacom Intuos S Bluetooth is Bluetooth compatible, so you can forget about cables when connecting to a computer.

Despite its size, the Wacom Intuos S Bluetooth is no less precise, with a customisable pen that supports 4,096 different pressure levels for detailed tracking. And with just four freely programmable buttons, the Wacom Intuos S Bluetooth is easy to use – whether you’re left- or right-handed.The Wacom Intuos S Bluetooth also comes with three free drawing programs: Corel Painter Essentials 6, Corel Aftershot 3, Clip Studio Paint Pro and is priced at around 100 euros, making the Wacom Intuos S Bluetooth a particularly attractive tablet for beginners.

Huion H610 Pro V2: unbeatable value for money

Ergonomics seems to have been Huion’s guiding principle when designing the Huion H610 Pro V2. Although it is 34 cm long, more than double the size of the Wacom Intuos S Bluetooth, 24.5 cm wide, and weighs just under 635 g, the Huion H610 Pro V2 is still easy to transport thanks to its thickness of just 1 cm. However, these dimensions allow the graphics tablet to offer a drawing surface of 11 inches.

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