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[Advertorial] 4 tips for choosing your laptop during Black Friday

What is Black Friday?

Unless you live on an island, it's difficult today to miss the frenzy of Black Friday.This commercial event, almost unknown in France a few years ago, is today a big shopping event where retailers and e-tailers don't hesitate to sell off their products with the help of promotions each more important than the other, but where does it come from?

The phenomenon comes straight from the United States, where it attracts millions of people every year, both in store and online.This attraction of Americans for this period of promotions is explained by the fact that retailers do not Do not hesitate to cut their prices very significantly, sometimes with offers of up to -90% on certain products.American consumers then take the opportunity to anticipate their Christmas purchases.

After a little more than 7 years of presence in France, the event has succeeded in establishing itself in France, where it occupies an increasingly important part in the habits of French consumers every year.Black Friday is very likely to be a success.According to a study published by iUSEcoupon, nearly 63% of French people declared that they intended to make purchases on November 29th.

Black Friday takes place every year on the Thursday following Thanksgiving.This year, Black Friday will officially take place on Friday November 29, 2019 from midnight."Officially" because many brands are now taking the decision to start their promotions more than one week before the official date, so there is now a tendency to speak of "Black Friday Week".

Posted Date: 2020-07-06

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